ZB Pietrzkowski, PhD


ZB Pietrzkowski, PhD

ZB brings over 20 years of experience in the area of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and academic research. In addition ZB is an inventor and co-inventor (12 patents allowed and over 20 patents pending) in the field of:

  • diagnostics (new generation of toxicogenomics and biopsy-less tissue and organ specific diagnostics),
  • nutracetuicals (new highly potent materials for clinical uses)
  • pharmaceuticals (nucleoside based drug candidates).

He is currently very active in applied science with focus on development of products suitable for marketing and commercialization within short period of time. His target applications are:

  • Preventive and regenerative molecular medicine
  • Tissue and organ-specific diagnostics and toxicogenomics based on biopsy-less uses of circulating exosomes
  • Metallomics and ultra-elements for lifespan and healthspan
  • Development and commercialization of experiential, highly effective high-tech nutraceuticals products and companion self-diagnostics
  • Virtual healthcare
  • Novel industrial processes to generate innovative materials for preventive and regenerative applications

ZB received his undergraduate degree and PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Jagiellonian University in Poland. Before joining ICN Pharmaceuticals in 1994 he was Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. In 2001 ZB moved to nutraceutical industry research to lead research teams developing highly active materials used now as new generation of experiential nutraceutical products providing “take and feel” health beneficial effect. Part of his research is co-published in 61 scientific publications.