Tom Gallanis


Tom Gallanis

When it comes to helping a business grow or plan a strategic exit, Tom Gallanis is a Business Messiah. He is known for his extensive background in marketing, an unmatched track record of success, passionate focus on winning.

In his professional career, Tom had a front seat in the technological, economic, and social transformation in the world. He was at the forefront of the most significant financial crisis since the great depression as an executive appointee at the FDIC. During his time there, Tom was a Receiver and Asset Manager for over $10 Billion in assets. He was handling mergers for some of the largest bank failures in the USA. Also, Tom has worked with publicly traded companies, startups, and large and small businesses to define their purpose, growth, improve operations, or plan for change.

Tom Gallanis helps business entities, startups, CEOs, and owners in two specific, measurable ways: Jumpstart program and Tipping Point program.

Jumpstart: Tom Gallanis and his team focus on helping a company jumpstart growth by reviewing everything from operations, financials, income and expenses, sales, marketing. Once we have an understanding of your business’s goals, we make appropriate recommendations.

Tipping Point: Sometimes, as a business owner, it is better to save your energy, regroup, and come back stronger than ever. How do you know if that is the right move to make? Do you stay and endure, or create a change?

Tom Gallanis has first-hand experience and knowledge that can help you answer that question. Having worked with a variety of companies, managed and sold assets that combined exceed multiple billions of dollars, Tom can bring clarity to your situation. If you are unsure what the right decision for your company, business, or property is, contact Tom today.