Marek Winiarz, P.E.


Marek Winiarz, P.E.

Marek is a professional engineer who has over 30 years of experience in business process engineering, design engineering, manufacturing engineering and market research. He has been providing professional services for large corporations and the US Government.

In business management Marek had executive global responsibility for business process excellence at The Coca Cola Company, and US responsibility for GE Plastics and GE Aircraft Engines. All together Marek contributed over $100M in savings and incremental revenue for his clients. Marek is a Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt selected and accredited by the legendary GE CEO Jack Welch.

Prior to business management, Marek’s career included machine and systems design including advanced manufacturing in energy-related engineering including internal combustion and turbine power plants such as the largest turbofan aircraft engines (CFM, CF6, and GE90). He tested energetic materials and processes for aerospace applications including the Space Shuttle and fighter aircraft, characterized weapons effects, fielded instrumentation for high explosive simulation testing and analyzing air blast and ground shock survivability. Marek led design teams in automated manufacturing of space power systems and conducted studies of spent nuclear fuel transportation and repositories. He patented a method for high-energy laser shock peening verification using white light interferometry. Clients included the US Air Force, DOD, DOE, Boeing, Lockheed, Northrup, Teledyne, GE, and others.

Marek’s early career was designing, engineering, and fabrication of machinery for agricultural, food processing, and aircraft support equipment clients. These included harvesters, conveyor systems, mobile lifts and loaders, palletizers, and specialized transport equipment. Marek started his professional career in the automotive industry as an engineer with Ford Motor Company.

Marek’s work resulted in numerous publications by MIT, Wharton Business School, Society of American Engineers, Robotics World, Journal of Advertising Research, and many other scientific symposia. Marek has a BS in Physics and MS in Mechanical Engineering, both from Purdue University.