Kris Skrinak


Kris Skrinak

In 1983 with a B.S. Economics/Mathematics from King’s College, Kris entered mergers and acquisitions at Goldman Sachs. He later moved to the quantitative strategies group run by Fischer Black where he built one of the first fully electronic trading systems. This powerful system traded up to 12% of the volume on the New York stock exchange between 1983 and 1987. After the crash of 1987 he left Goldman to consultant with banks that sought to implement this technology including: Swiss Bank Corporation, Bank of America and Salomon Brothers.

In 1993, while with Sun Microsystems he developed a love for entrepreneurial ventures. His first start-up was Capital Technologies. CapTech developed a network monitoring system, renamed FogLight, and service organization, renamed SiteRock. FogLight was acquired by Quest Software Inc (NASDAQ: QSFT) and SiteRock by Navisite Inc (NASDAQ: NAVI).

In 1997 Kris left CapTech to be the lead investor and President of the Web-based investment research firm, ClearStation. After 18 months of aggressive growth Kris guided the sale of the company to E*TRADE Financial (NYSE: ET).

In 2002 Kris created the quant-oriented fund Indigo Capital Management in response to demands from many colleagues at ClearStation and in the investment community.

In 2007 Kris co-founded adaptiveARC an innovative green renewable energy technology based on plasma arc gasification.

Kris lectures in both business and academia on the techniques of his investment strategy and has several published interviews including an entry in the book, ‘Bulls, Bears and Brains’ by Forbes columnists Adam Leitzes and Joshua Solan. In addition to his business activities Kris holds a masters degree in the martial art of Kung Fu San Soo. He is active in the Andre Salvage Foundation, a non-profit that supports assault prevention and aids assault victims and disadvantaged children. Kris lives with his wife and daughters in San Diego, CA.