Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD


Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD

A multi-cultural (Asia-Europe-US) and multi-disciplinary (Medicine and Artificial Intelligence +25 y) entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for 15 years, Dr. Khai Minh Pham is a serial entrepreneur and technology innovator.

In 1995 he pioneered Big Data as the founder & CEO of DataMind, a leading data mining company using an Intelligent Agent Technology. Benchmarked by Andersen Consulting Research as the best technology in it’s field, it was used by major financial institutions, marketing centers, and medical manufacturers, and Bank of America acquired the patent in 2012. Later renamed RightPoint, DataMind was acquired in 2000 by E.piphany for US$400 Million, still one of the highest acquisitions for an AI-based company.

In 2000, Dr. Pham was a pioneer in social networking as the founder & CEO of Easyplanet, providing the first Community Browser (including video phone, favorites sharing, content. etc.) to help strong brands maintain their relationship with their customers, while harnessing data mining to push content and one-to-one ads. A major partnership was established in India as the first large scale pilot when the financial crash happened in 2008.

Today, with ThinkingNodeTM, Dr. Pham is pioneering in Exponential Thinking ComputingTM. He believes that a breakthrough for humanity in solving major challenges depends on our capacity to empower human thinking to allow us to apprehend highly complex systems.

Khai Minh holds an M.D. and a Ph.D. in AI both from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. Author of several scientific papers, received international grants (DEC research labs), taught AI at LISH-CNRS (eq. of the NFS in US), received an entrepreneur award from BP bank, was on the committee of Silicon French (a Silicon Valley network), was speaker at DBF, is EIR/Mentor at CONNECT (notorious startup accelerator in San Diego), and part of the jury for the “2016 Most Innovative New Product Awards” in Life Science and Robotics.