Gary Gil


Gary Gil

Gary is an entrepreneurial CEO with over 20 years of start-up and leadership experience in a diversity of industries for B2B and B2C. Fueled by his passion for business and marketing, he has started and managed several companies over the past 20 years in different sectors, including e-learning, mortgage, nutrition, publishing, lead generation, advertising and marketing. He is a strategic thinker who applies outside the box marketing strategies to drive dramatic success in sales and distribution. He has a proven track record of quickly developing, communicating, and implementing successful strategic and tactical plans, assembling high performance teams, and providing leadership and strategic guidance from concept to implementation.

Gary is currently the CEO of Valuestream, a marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in business growth optimization. Gary specializes in a customer-centric marketing strategy called MVC marketing that’s designed to drive business growth by optimizing customer acquisition as well as other key components in the marketing process.

Prior to his current role as CEO of Valuestream, Gary was the founder and CEO of Podclass, a global e-learning platform that enables people to teach and learn online and within Facebook. Podclass was launched in 2007 with a vision toward transforming higher learning and enabling more people to teach and learn globally via web and mobile devices. In 2008, Podclass was one of the first 10 companies chosen by Facebook to receive their fbFund grant.

Gary started and served as CEO of Active Health for seven years prior to starting Podclass. At Active Health, Gary built the company from the ground up, including sourcing the development and formulation of custom nutritional supplement products, developing sales and marketing strategies starting with traditional offline channels and later online channels. He led the expansion of the product line to 12 and outsourced the development of and developed the entire online sales channel for the company.

Gary started and served as CEO at Vantage Mortgage and Vantage Publishing from 1992 until 1998, prior to starting Active Health.

Gary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Finance from San Diego State University and resides in San Diego, California.