Airspeed offers the following services.

  • Accountability coaching by seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced C-Level executives, and highly qualified domain experts.
  • Management team recruiting and development.
  • Business model, market, technology, and intellectual property strategy review and development.
  • Introductions to strategic partners, customers, suppliers, and service providers.
  • Scheduling portfolio company founder’s roundtable events.

Accountability Coaching

A dedicated, seasoned, C-level executive Coach, fully authorized by and accountable to Airspeed Management, for achieving the company’s business plan via Airspeed’s Business Creation & Development Process™ guides the management team in implementing their approved business plan via time-tested, highly accountable project management techniques:

  • Establishing prioritized, stretch goals;
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track performance vs. plan;
  • Conducting weekly Project Reviews and reporting to Airspeed Management on KPI’s;
    • What was accomplished?
    • What is “not working?”
    • What “needs support?”
  • Providing leadership training;
  • Aligning employees with the company’s vision; and
  • Engaging employees in “The Great Game of Business”.