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The Springboard Experience: Launching Technology Through Entrepreneurship

Springboard provides free assistance for life sciences & high tech companies in all stages of development, including concept, start-up, challenge and opportunity. Entrepreneurs accepted into the program spend 3 to 8 weeks in coaching sessions with one of CONNECT’s Entrepreneurs in Residence. Upon completion of this process, the entrepreneur is invited to make a presentation of their business model to a select group of experts. This group will usually include a venture capitalist, seasoned entrepreneur with domain expertise, accountant, corporate and patent attorneys, marketing professional, and an executive from a successful company in the same industry. Experts will also be drawn from insurance, real estate, human resources, and other areas as needed. The panel of experts is tailored to the individual needs of each company. The goals of the panel presentation are to provide the entrepreneur with candid recommendations for the refinement of their business plan and to help identify next steps to achieve the company’s goals. Following the panel presentation, the entrepreneur meets with their Entrepreneur in Residence to identify next steps, incorporate the feedback from the panel, and implement a strategic plan for the next six to twelve months.

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NextStage – Advice for Entrepreneurs

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Airspeed Due Diligence Checklist

(Courtesy: Banc America Securities)

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All Entrepreneurs should be LinkedIn!

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Leonhardt’s Launchpad

Link: Leonhardt’s Launchpad

Other Sources of Pre-Series A Funding

Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels

Link: Tech Coast Angels

Private Capital Network

Private Capital Network

Link: Private Capital Network

Maverick Angels

Maverick Angels

Link: Maverick Angels

San Diego Organizations that support Startups


The “goto” place for startups

CONNECT is the globally recognized public benefits organization fostering entrepreneurship in the San Diego region by catalyzing, accelerating, and supporting the growth of the most promising technology and life sciences businesses.


San Diego Venture Group

Everything Venture in San Diego

The San Diego Venture Group is a non-profit business organization whose mission is to provide an informal atmosphere that fosters ideas on how to form, fund and build new ventures. We are comprised of professionals with bright ideas to share and the skills to implement those ideas. With an estimated 425 members and an average monthly meeting attendance of 375 people, the SDVG is helping San Diego become a significant entrepreneurial and venture center.

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San Diego Software Industry Council

San Diego Software Industry Council

Link: San Diego Software Industry Council

San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum Link: San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum

San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum

Link: San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum

Service Firms we recommend

Paul Hastings LLP

Link: Paul Hastings LLP

Other Resources

National Venture Capital Association

National Venture Capital Association

Link: National Venture Capital Association