Airspeed’s provides dedicated, experienced support to position each of our portfolio companies for accelerated value creation by immersion in the Airspeed Business Creation & Development Process™. The objectives are:

  • Risk reduction,
  • Efficient use of capital,
  • Minimum time to market,
  • Rapid revenue growth, and
  • Due diligence readiness for next stage funding if required.

Airspeed provides solid and professional teamwork in the role of the early management for each company in the initial 12 – 24 months, which is followed by a transition to the new company’s own leadership. Putting effective teamwork in place first efficiently reduces a well-known fatal flaw in early stage companies.

For any new venture, domain expertise is essential. In a startup enterprise, it is a common but mistaken assumption that “domain expertise” refers to a specific industry. In the early phases of a startup company, the primary focus is ensuring a proper start and the vitally needed domain expertise is in knowing how to launch and grow a new company.

Not grasping the essential issues of building a business is often the root cause of failure. The Airspeed model provides the domain expertise in the early term of startup. And as the “domain” transitions to an industry focus, the leadership transition occurs in parallel.