Company Founders

At Airspeed, our goal is to get your company ready to be in operation and prepared to receive investment capital when needed. And, if you fit our profile, provide the capital. If you do not fit our profile, we can introduce you to other sources interested in your business.

This does not mean having an over-engineered business plan. There are many things that are much more important, such as:

  • Knowing exactly what your core strategy and strength is.
  • Knowing who your customer is, the problem they face and how you will solve it.
  • Having some real evidence that the market is credible.
  • Knowing where your market channel is and how to sell through it.
  • Having someone in the company who can make compelling presentations.
  • Willingness to give equity in exchange for outside capital.
  • Management’s ability and ethics.
  • Business skills of the team members.
  • Not letting ego get in the way of good business decisions.
  • Willingness to make adjustments to preconceived ideas about the business, the product or service, and the company structure.

Very few companies come in our door with a fully “ready-to-fund” business. Airspeed applies its intensive Business Creation & Development Process to get your company ready. We help you with capital access, needs and uses; help locate potential employees with the skills required; adjust the organizational structure; find required outsourcing; and yes, hone the presentation and business plan.